Founded by horror legend William Lustig (MANIAC, MANIAC COP), BLUE UNDERGROUND is an internationally enowned boutique home video distributor trading in high-def remasters of classic horror and exploitation films from around the world. See some of cinema’s most beautifully deranged works totally uncensored and completely remastered.
99 Women A Blade in the Dark Amsterdamned Bare Behind Bars Dead And Buried Dead Of Night Delirium Django, Kill! Emanuelle In America Four of the Apocalypse Girl From Rio Hell Of The Living Dead Horror of the Zombies Kiss Me Monster Night Train Murders Nightmare City Rats! Night of Terror Return of the Evil Dead Shock Shockwaves Snuff Stendahl Syndrome The Bloodstained Shadow The Case of the Bloody Iris The Cat O' Nine Tails The Church The House By The Cemetery The Lift The Nesting The New Barbarians The New York Ripper Two Undercover Angels Venus In Furs Zombie