Wake up the kids, gather ‘round your favorite screen and enter the world of Moonbeam, Full Moon’s family friendly sister imprint! Designed by Full Moon founder Charles Band as a way for genre fans to pass the terrifying torch onto the next generation, the Moonbeam library is treasure trove of imaginative, exciting and unique family flicks, filled with monsters, fantasy, heroism and comedy. Children of all ages will thrill to Moonbeam’s amazing movies!
Alien Weapons Frankenstein Reborn! Goobers! Kraa The Sea Monster Magic in the Mirror Magic Island Medieval Park Pet Shop [Remastered from new HD transfer!] Planet Patrol Prehysteria Prehysteria 2 Remote Spooky Town Teenage Space Vampires The Tiny Kingdom The Werewolf Reborn! Timekeeper TimeSlingers Zarkorr The Invader