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Trailer for:

Animal Instincts 2

JOANNE COLE can talk about it now. As she looks into the camera and tells her story by means of flashbacks, the beautiful Joanne describes the erotic fantasies she used to survive her struggling marriage.   DAVID COLE, her policeman husband, is a passive sexual partner, obsessed with money and sexually excited only by watching.

 Prescribed an anti-depressant, Joanne finds that the drug only increases her erotic appetite.

 One day, she acts on her fantasies and seduces a stranger.  When David finds them together, he is excited by the sight of his wife with another man: and Joanne and David are amzed tofind themselves brought closer together.

 Sexual fantasy becomes a strange kind of therapy as Joanne becomes a high-proced hooker, attracting the city's most illustrious names to thier home, as David watches secretly from the next room, filming the encoutners.  But when David's greed drives him into a blackmail plot involving a local politician and the strip club owner who wants the politician destroyed, Joanne finds herself becoming a helpless pawn, her increasing sexual liberation pushing her further apart from the out-of-control David.

Cast: Shannon Whirry, Woody Brown, Al
Directed by: Daryl Haney
Runtime: 91 minutes
Production Date: 1994
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