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Castle Freak Vintage Videozone

Before every DVD and Blu-ray came with special features, there was Full Moon's VIDEOZONE! Back in the days of VHS, Full Moon had their own virtual film school, creating in-depth behind the scenes documentaries about the making of their films - with interviews, outtakes and BTS footage. Now, pulled from the vaults, you can discover these forgotten featurettes!

Look behind the scenes of this award-winning Full Moon joint.  Have a chat with Stuart Gordon, learn what Jeffrey Combs thinks of that kooky castle, share some gossip with Barbara Crampton, and find out what really happened to that cat!

Hideous, Hungry and Loose! 

Stuart Gordon takes you on a pulse pounding roller-coaster ride in Castle Freak one of the most macabre thrillers you'll ever experience. 

John Reilly (Jeffrey Combs, Re-Animator), Susan (Barbara Crampto, Young & The Restless) and their daughter come face to face with terror when they travel to Italy to move into a castle they have inherited. They soon discover it is haunted by a relentless blood-thirsty creature. When mutilated bodies start turning up, John must uncover the Reilly family's dark secret to save his wife and child from the sadistic being.

Runtime: 9 minutes
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