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Trailer for:

Decadent Evil

Marvin is a nasty, horny homunculus, part human/part reptile, who stands twelve inches tall and lives alone, trapped inside a bird cage. Once completely human, Marvin was turned into a homunculus after his lover Morella (Debra Mayer), a 100 year old vengeful vampire, learned of his betrayal with another human. Set at a decadent strip club called the “Meat Market,” the male clientele unknowingly become victims of Morella and her sexy young vampire strippers Sugar and Spyce (Jill Michelle and Raelyn Hennessee).

As Morella executes her final kills to become the most powerful vampire of all, Marvin’s son, Ivan, standing three ferocious feet tall (Phil Fondacaro), plans his ultimate revenge against her. Meanwhile, condemned to the birdcage for all eternity, Marvin suffers the added torture of hundreds of years worth of lustful, sexual frustration...until he gets out.

Cast: Debra Mayer , Raelyn Hennessee , Daniel Lennox , Jill Michelle , Phil Fondacaro
Directed by: Charles Band
Runtime: 74 minutes
Production Date: 2005
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