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Criminal psychologist Dr. Herbert Lyutak (Mickey Hargitay of BLOODY PIT OF HORROR and THE WILD, WILD WORLD OF JAYNE MANSFIELD) is a deranged sex maniac who murders young women. His beautiful wife (the luscious Rita Calderoni of NUDE FOR SATAN and THE REINCARNATION OF ISABEL) is tormented by visions of medieval torture and lesbian orgies. But as their madness grows more twisted, they will descend even deeper into a nightmare of dementia, depravity and most of all, DELIRIUM!

You have never seen anything like DELIRIUM. Written and directed by the notorious Renato Polselli (under the pseudonym Ralph Brown), this version has additional scenes of sleazy sex and extreme violence. This astonishing 1972 oddity is now proudly presented totally uncut and uncensored - for your viewing pleasure! Also known as "Delerio Caldo"




Cast: Mickey Hargitay , Raul Lovecchio , Tano Cimarosa , Rita Calderoni , Carmen Young , Christa Barrymore
Directed by: Renato Polselli
Runtime: 85 minutes
Production Date: 1972
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