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Doctor Mordrid Vault Volume 5

Doctor Mordrid Vault Volume 5
This video footage contains a full, unedited interview with Academy Award-nominated special effects artist David Allen about the stop motion models he made for Doctor Mordrid.  David Allen also provides a demonstration showing how the minature Tyrnosaurs Rex and Mastadon models he creates are able to manifest as full size creatures in the finished film. Watch as David predicts the future of computer efx and practical efx in cinema. A fasnicating look at stop motion efx and movie magic!
Director Albert Band & Charles Band

Film synopsis:
Doctor Mordrid (JEFFREY COMBS; “Re-Animator”, “From Beyond”, “The 4440”) has been guarding the gates to the fourth dimension for over a century and now the signs are clear: his eternal foe, Kabal (BRIAN THOMPSON; “Cobra”, “Terminator”) has crossed over and is about to carry out his threat to destroy humankind.

Runtime: 18 minutes
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