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Trailer for:

Jack The Ripper

The inimitable Klaus Kinski (NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE, CRAWLSPACE, FITZCARRALDO) assumes the role of the most heinous criminal of modern history - JACK THE RIPPER - in this explicitly savage, wildly erotic version of the infamous tale from Europe's most notorious filmmaker, Jess Franco.

Kinski stars as a sympathetic doctor by day who, when night falls, sheds his skin and stalks the shadowy streets of London as the prostitute-murdering Jack the Ripper. While Scotland Yard races to stop his bloody reign of terror, a young woman launches her own investigation and becomes the Ripper's next target.

Think you've seen JACK THE RIPPER? Think again…


Cast: Lina Romay , Esther Studer , Josephine Chaplin , Olga Gebhard , Herbert Fux , Nikola Weisse , Regine Elsener , Klaus Kinski , Angelika Arndts
Directed by: Jess Franco
Runtime: 91 minutes
Production Date: 1976
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