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Trailer for:

Lady Frankenstein

Only the monster she made could satisfy her strange desires...

Joseph Cotten is Baron Frankenstein, whose latest stitched-together monster goes on a murderous rampage that begins with his creator.  The Baron's sultry daughter Tania (Sara Bay), a recent graduate of medical school herself, returns to the family's castle and begins work on a creature of her own, using the brain of her father's brilliant assistant and the good looking body of the village idiot. 

Her resulting creation is capable of destroying the monster that killed her father and also satisfying her voracious sexual needs.

Also known as La Figlia di Frankenstein and La Hija De Frankeinstein


Cast: Mickey Hargitay , Andrew Ray , Peter Whiteman , Sara Bay , Renata Cash , Ada Pomeroy , Paul Muller , Joseph Cotten , Lawrence Tilden
Directed by: Mel Welles , Aureliano Luppi
Runtime: 83 minutes
Production Date: 1971
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