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Naked Massacre

Set against the hallucinatory backdrop of Belfast, Ireland, a scene of seemingly endless, bloody civil war, NAKED MASSACRE depicts a scalpel-sharp reality based on true, specific events.  It is the ultimate, hard-edged film witness of the pure, gratuitous violence of our era.

Matthew Carriere in the role of the psychpopathic killer, antisocial, solitary, unstable and introverted kills eight student nurses in one night of butchery; later termed "the most repugnant crime of the century" and "possibly, the most horrifying orgy of sex and violence in history." Five days after the massacre, the killer attempts suicide by slashing his wrists in a shabby hotel room.  Later identified by the sole survivor of the slaughter, he is convicted and sentenced to death.

The film offers no solution, but nevertheless carries a dramatic warning against the omnipresent violence around us.  It addresses the fact that such a slaughter could occur without anyone becoming aware of it and how these eight girls went to meet their deaths one after another, without resisting.  Such perhaps, may be the fascination with death.


Cast: Debby Berger , Miriam Boyer , Matthew Carriere , Christine Boisson , Leonora Fani , Eva Mattes , Andrée Pelletier , Carol Laure , Ely de Galleani
Directed by: Denis Héroux
Runtime: 85 minutes
Production Date: 1976
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