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Trailer for:

Paranormal Casino

Horror icons SID HAIG and MICHAEL BERRYMAN team up in Charles Band's creepy haunted house tale as the ghosts of a Vegas mobster and his henchman who terrorize a group of friends staying at a run-down gaming hall.

After inheriting a casino from his dead uncle, Matthew Dragna (Scott White), his girlfriend J.J. (Robin Sydney) and a group of friends take a road trip to the outskirts of Las Vegas, where they find the run-down Mysteria Casino, but the trip takes a frightening turn when the kids discover that the casino is haunted by the ghost of Vegas mobster Roy "The Word" Donahue (Sid Haig) and his goon Gil Wachetta (Michael Berryman), looking to settle an old score.
Matthew and J.J. must fight for their very souls as the ghosts seek their gruesome vengeance, and in the vein of "The Shining," this horrifying tale builds to a bloody and surprising climax...
It's sheer terror! BET on it!!!
Formally released as "Dead Man's Hand" and "Haunted Casino"

Cast: Sid Haig , Scott Whyte , Rico Simonini , Robyn Sydney , Lily Rains , Wes Armstrong , Jessica Morris , Kavan Reece , Christopher Logan
Directed by: Charles Band
Runtime: 80 minutes
Production Date: 2007
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