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A doll has risen to seek revenge in the inner city. Aspiring teenage rapper KWAME performs in a local hip-hop band. While living with his aged grandmother, he has grown up listening to her talk about her magical powers. When his Gran is put into the hospital by the local  thugs, Kwame invokes the "killing" magic and puts it into his Gran's old ragdoll.

However, there is a terrible price to pay for dealing with the SHADOWMAN and his magic of the "killing" kind. What he unleashes has a price which he never expects. A thriller in the tradition of the Puppet Master series.


Cast: Jennia Watson , Russell Richardson , William Johnson , Bill Davis , Troy Medley , Tarnell Poindexter , Freda Payne , Danny Wooten
Directed by: Ted Nicolaou
Runtime: 78 minutes
Production Date: 1999
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