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Trailer for:

Savage Weekend

Nicky (Christopher Allport of WITHOUT A TRACE, SHARK, and NCIS), Shirley (Caitlin O'Heaney), Marie (Marilyn Hamlin) and two others from NYC travel deep into upstate New York for a long weekend vacation. Once at their destination they mix with Otis (William Sanderson of DEADWOOD, NEWHART, and THE X FILES), Mac Macauley (David Gale of RE-ANIMATOR, THE GUYVER), and some locals who offer supplies, lumber, eggs, erotic cow milking lessons, and they even like to tell strange tales.

While the weekend vacationers have their fun with fishing, boating, nude sunbathing, relieving their sexual frustrations, and throwing costume dinner parties, there also marks the appearance of a masked killer who is dead set on ruining this weekend with whatever weapons are handy.



Cast: David Gale , Devin Goldenberg , Jeff Pomerantz , Yancy Butler , William Sanderson , Christopher Allport , Caitlin O'Heaney , Marilyn Hamlin
Directed by: David Paulsen
Runtime: 83 minutes
Production Date: 1979
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