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Trailer for:

SS Experiment

Uncut, uncensored and ready to scandalise a new generation of gore-hungry viewers!

Banned in the past for its controversial subject matter, Sergio Garrone's 1976 exploitation horror flick uses a World War II Nazi camp as the setting for the torture, rape, and murder of its female victims. Campy, soft-core scenes show cruel Nazi officers conducting strange and sadistic experiments on the female prisoners. Karma takes its toll, however, when Sergeant Kruber unexpectedly falls in love with a French prisoner named Mirelle (a prostitute), and joins the ladies for the ultimate act of revenge.

Mircha Carven, Paola Corazzi, Giorgio Cerioni, Giovanna Mainardi, Serafino Profumo

Cast: Giovanna Mainardi , Serafino Profumo , Mircha Carven , Giorgio Cerioni , Paola Corazzi
Directed by: Sergio Garrone
Runtime: 89 minutes
Production Date: 1976
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