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Trailer for:

Trailers From Hell: Home Invasion!

Full Moon Streaming is honored to bring you Trailers From Hell: Home Invasion! Your racist uncle isn’t the only thing invading your home this week. Defend yourself against an onslaught of aliens, telepaths, and pedophiles served up with gravy by our generous genre gurus. Hold the stuffing! We know where it’s been!

Mick Garris presents "Not of This Earth"
Karyn Kusama presents "Sorry, Wrong Number"
Josh Olson presents "The Stepfather"
Joe Dante present "Earth vs The Flying Saucers"
Mick Garris presents "Scanners"

TRAILERS FROM HELL is film school crushed into bloody, brilliant byte sized master classes. Dante’s unhinged, irreverent and educational celluloid circus is coming to the equally crazy confines of Full Moon Streaming.

Runtime: 12 minutes
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