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Trailer for:

The Bloodstained Shadow

A Knowing Tribute to the Giallo of Dario Argento, Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci!

When a young college professor (Lino Capolicchio of THE HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS) returns home to visit his Catholic priest brother (Craig Hill of DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN), prominent members of the community begin to be stalked and slaughtered by an unknown killer. Can the brothers uncover the identity of this deranged fiend, even while they are being tortured by their own nightmares of an unspeakable childhood trauma?

Directed by Antonio Bido (WATCH ME WHEN I KILL) and known in Italy as SOLAMENTE NERO, this suspenseful giallo co-stars Stefania Casini (SUSPIRIA) and Massimo Serato (KILLER NUN), and features one of the last scores arranged and performed by the legendary band Goblin (DEEP RED, SUSPIRIA).

English Dubbed

Cast: Laura Nucci , Juliette Mayniel , Stefania Casini , Massimo Serato , Lino Capolicchio , Craig Hill
Directed by: Antonio Bido
Runtime: 108 minutes
Production Date: 1978
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