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Trailer for:

The Body Beneath

He Called Himself Reverend. His Church was Lost Souls...

Prissy preacher Algernon Ford (Gavin Reed) is actually an ancient vampire organizing a family reunion. Despondent over his "deteriorating bloodline," the good Reverend, his hunchback servant, and a trio of green-faced bloodsuckers rent Carfax Abbey and make the acquaintance of three of his female descendants. With one cousin used as a blood bank, and another as the main course of a vampire banquet ("Delightful meal. How old was she?"), Reverend Ford Plans on using Susan, the prettiest of his ancestors, as a breeder for vampire babies...

Sex and violence courtesy of cult director Andy Milligan, who made some of the most notorious and highly eccentric micro-budget sexploitation and horror films that ever assaulted the public (The Ghastly Ones, Bloodthirsty Butchers, Fleshpots On 42nd Street, etc.). One of Milligan's best, THE BODY BENEATH is not only presented here completely uncut, but permeated with lunatic characters, goofy gore and a disturbing atmosphere of decadence and decay that climaxes with an effectively nightmarish vampire soiree...

Cast: Richmond Ross , Susan Heard , Berwick Kaler , Jackie Skarvallis , Gavin Reed
Directed by: Andy Milligan
Runtime: 82 minutes
Production Date: 1970
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