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Trailer for:

The Gore Gore Girls

A lunatic with a grudge against g-strings, pasties, and pretty women is slaughtering the sexy strippers who work for strip club impresario Marzdone Mobilie (HENNY YOUNGMAN -- yes, the Henny Youngman). Not content with mere murder, the psycho enthusiastically mangles and mutilates the women, thus turning Marzdone's go go girls into THE GORE GORE GIRLS. Trying to solve the gruesome goings-on are obnoxious private eye Abraham Gentry (Frank Kress) and a ditzy reporter Nancy Weston (Amy Farrell). Burrowing through the underbelly of the sleaze-and-tease business, Abraham eventually offers the killer the perfect bait by coercing a drunken Nancy to perform in an amateur strip contest...
Cast: Henny Youngman , Hedda Lubin , Frank Kress , Ray Sager , Amy Farrell
Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Runtime: 80 minutes
Production Date: 1972
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