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Trailer for:

The Possessor

The film you are about to watch is culled from the legendary WIZARD Video library, transferred from the original, WIZARD "Big Box" VHS tapes. In the early 1980's,  WIZARD Video broke ground releasing some of the wildest cult films from all over the world and the print represented here is exactly as it was presented upon release. So step back in time and groove on this WIZARD Video original!

Beyond the terror of "The Exorcist," "The Amityville Horror" and "The Omen" lies a sadistic female demon called Haggia – THE POSSESSOR! When Peter – an archeology student – opens Haggia's cursed medallion, her spirit immediately takes control of him and begins a hellish assault on his loved ones.

Peter's girlfriend Sherry, his sister and mother soon fall prey to Haggia's twisted carnal advances. And when Peter undergoes the hideous sexual transformation into Haggia, his family has but one recourse: Brother Erasmo – The Exorcist. Before long, there ensues a frenzied battle between good and evil that escalates to a literally eye-popping, blood curdling climax that outshocks "The Exorcist"! Viewers beware: once THE POSSESSOR snatches your soul, you will never be the same!



Cast: Sonia Viviani , Richard Conte , Elena Suevo , Mimma Monticelli , Rita Orlando , Patrizi Gorri , John Ely , Elena Svevo
Directed by: Elo Pannaccio
Runtime: 88 minutes
Production Date: 1975
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