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Dead Want Women Vault Vol 2

The Dead Want Women Vault Volume 2
This video footage contains extended, unedited coverage of the cast and crew of The Dead Want Women on the film's dungeon set.  Director Charles Band can be heard off camera directing an ORGY SCENE (lots un nudity on this one folks) with stars Eric Roberts, Jean Louise O'Sullivan, Bob Zachar, Circus Szalewski, Nihilist Gelo and sexy Jeanie Marie Sullivan, and Misty Anderson as they go through the more physically demanding scenes in the movie...wink, wink!
Scene 14A-G
Director Charles Band

Film synopsis:
Rose's mansion has stood empty for decades, but when two realtors Reese (JESSICA MORRIS) and Danni (ARIANA MADIX) finally buy the house to remodel and sell it, they discover that there are more than skeletons

Runtime: 37 minutes
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