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Sideshow Vault Volume 2

SideShow Vault Volume 2
Meet the FREAKS! This video footage shows unedited behind-the-scenes footage from several scenes shot on the sideshow tent set.  Many different actors from the movie are filmed candidly in their full costume and makeup, and director Fred Olen Ray can be seen directing each scene from off camera.
Scene 26
Director Fred Olen Ray

Film synopsis:
A group of teens get more than their money's worth at the local SIDESHOW when the evil ringmaster, Dr. Graves, grants them their wishes.  However, deepest wishes can - and sometimes do - backfire.  Just one visit isn't enough, so come back often.  New freaks are arriving nightly at this SIDESHOW! We guarantee it! If we can't find enough freaks, why not just make them?

Runtime: 26 minutes
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