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Trailer for:

William Shatner's Halloween Frightnight: Horrorvision

See your favorite Full Moon movies in a way you have never seen them before - in the tradition of "Elvira" and "Mystery Science Theater 3000," uniquely hosted by the amazing William Shatner.  Watch as Shatner brings you his unique brand of silly antics, hilarious puns, and insightful interviews, with legends like Stan Lee, Kevin Eastman, Roger Corman, and more! (Dramatic pause...) So funny, it's scary!

"Fright Night is about horror, both horror of the gasping quality and of the tittering quality. On Fright Night, we're gonna have both kinds of horror films. We're gonna be horrified, and we're gonna laugh."

-William Shatner

Dez, a web master, mistakenly logs onto "horrorvision.com" - a website that kills all who come across it. When Toni, his photographer, and his beautiful girlfriend Dazzy both fall victim to the site, a mysterious figure known as Bradbury comes to Dez's aid to unravel the evil mystery and stop Manifesto - the sinister being at the helm!

Cast: James Black , William Shatner , Brinke Stevens , Jake Leonard , Maggie Rose Fleck , Josh Covitt
Directed by: Danny Draven
Runtime: 68 minutes
Production Date: 2017
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