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Trailer for:

Haunted Hollywood Ep. 13: Wizard of Mars

Film historian and author David Del Valle introduces a collection of classic films and shares tragic and hilarious stories from Hollywood's dark past.

John Carradine was a great actor who found his way into Horror films by playing Dracula after Lugosi in the 1940's. He was very taken with actor John Barrrymore and began to act just like his idol. John would do this for the rest of his life, haunted by the great man's voice and style. He became a parody of himself and quickly started doing roles in Grade Z films, like the one we have tonight. John would haunt Hollywood Blvd dressed in a cape, reciting his favorite lines of the Bard for one and all to hear. He would play Hamlet in Hollywood until his death in Italy at a ripe old age. He still haunts us on the silver screen, forever, in so many great and not so great films...

Runtime: 84 minutes
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